About Us

We, at Sekar Lifestyle, have an ambitious goal of understanding the needs of our customers and delivering furniture that meets their requirements. Our family business, which started in 1952, initially dealt in steel and home appliances but gradually evolved to focus on furniture. Our primary focus was on producing sofa sets, beds and other wooden items that we supplied to local suppliers and took orders for exclusive interior designing projects.

As we realized the potential in the retail market, we started reaching customers directly through online classifieds platforms. This led to a positive word-of-mouth feedback, and we soon attracted offline customers as well. In 2018, we took a big step forward and became an online retailer, listed on Amazon, targeting the lower to middle class with affordable sofa sets and sectionals. Our products gained popularity quickly, and we expanded our reach by increasing our product line and presence on other e-commerce platforms like Flipkart.

Today, our business model is a combination of a manufacturing unit and an integrated retail store. We receive regular orders from both our suppliers and retail customers and deliver within 7-14 days. Our goal is to reach customers all over India and provide them with affordable furniture based on their requirements.

As a team, we aim to become a prominent player in the furniture industry and are confident of achieving our goal with the combination of our manufacturing expertise and understanding of customer needs.